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Welcome to STATIC REVIVAL! We are thrilled to have you join us this evening.


We have two performances lined up for you tonight. First, the talented artists of akompany, performing a dynamic and lively work by Kenichi Kasamatsu. Then after a brief intermission, the premiere of RyderDance's latest work, SHERLOCK.


I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the incredible performers of RyderDance - Ayala Abrams, Manatsu Aminaga, Chelen Middlebrook, Devon Travis, and Philip Strom - for being game to try this idea and for their unwavering commitment to the work. To Kenichi and the akompany artists for sharing their artistry and collaborating with us on this event. And finally, to our donors for their generous support, making this show possible, and YOU, our audience, for being an integral part of our community. We are immensely grateful for your presence tonight. Enjoy the show!

Jordan Ryder

Artistic Director & Founder of RyderDance


Just as we are




Kenichi Kasamatsu


Charlotte Chui, Denise Chan, Kenise Keele, Laura Williamson


akompany, founded by Kenichi Kasamatsu in 2018, is a dance collective gathered by various artists who all connect through dance. Their most recognizable pieces of work included "ready, set, go." and "one, two, three,", both choreographed with original sounds. Consisting of souls with a large passion to share a diverse set of artistic visions, akompany's goal is to inspire any and all to do the same without fear. 

Through art we share, and through sharing we be a part.


Kenichi Kasamatsu is a working dancer, teacher and choreographer in New York City. As a dancer, Kenichi has worked with some of the most renowned choreographers from the nation like Keone and Mari, Nappytabs, and Kyle Hanagami just to name a few. As a result, he has been on stage and in video shoots with artists such as Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez, Ne-Yo, Daddy Yankee, BANKS, and Mark Ronson.

His most recent work includes his first two full length shows with akompany, “one, two, three.” and “kazoku”, featuring original choreography and sounds. Over the years, he has also choreographed for numerous music videos and live performances internationally. Kenichi

teaches regularly at Peridance Center and Broadway Dance Center but also travels the nation to teach at various conventions and workshops and has taught in other countries including Mexico, Colombia, China, Peru, Japan, and Thailand.

Prioritizing the longevity of everyone’s love and passion for dance, Kenichi hopes to cultivate spaces with a sense of community where all can come together to learn, laugh, and love through movement.






Jordan Ryder



Chelen Middlebrook


Devon Travis

Inspector Lestrade

Manatsu Aminaga

janet partridge

Philip Strom

Russel Partridge

Ayala Abrams



"Sherlock Holmes" The Case of the Perfect Husband (TV Episode 1955)


Steve Previn


Arthur Conan Doyle (Characters), Hamiton Keener


Sheldon Reynolds


Paul Durand



Ronald Howard


Howard Marion-Crawford

Inspector Lestrade

Archie Duncan

janet partridge

Mary Sinclair

Russel Partridge

Michael Gough


Established in 2018 by Artistic Director Jordan Ryder, RyderDance is a contemporary dance collective. RyderDance actively works to expand the reach and accessibility of contemporary dance works by exploring new audiences and mediums to nurture the life of live performance art. Jordan believes that movement can be expansive, exhilarating and personal all at once and that is something that the company shares and celebrates in every stride.


The Collective's work has been presented at venues across the tri-state area, including the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, Dixon Place, The Loew's Jersey Theatre, Mark Morris Dance Center, and the Martha Graham Studio Theater, to name a few. Most recently, the Company had a sold-out run of HOMECOMING, an original RyderDance production presented by the Tank Theater in Manhattan. 


RyderDance's dance practice is inspired by the combination and juxtaposition of the natural human experience with humans’ physical and athletic capabilities. The work contrasts emotions with raw movement, left brain with right, and pushes the limitations of instinct. The collision of these differing forces is the root of the Collective's motivation to move, create, and grow. 


Jordan Ryder is a professional Choreographer, Movement Director, and Dancer. She graduated from New York University Tisch School of the Arts with a BFA in Dance and a double minor in Entertainment Business and Sociology. Jordan is the Artistic Director of RyderDance, a contemporary dance company in its 6th season. Her work has been presented at notable venues across the tri-state area, Atlanta, and Chicago, and has reached a global audience virtually. 


Jordan has worked as a Movement Director for the Off-Broadway production of "White Rose, the Musical" and as a Choreographer for the Off-Broadway production of "Singfeld! A Musical About Nothing!". She has also received commissions for her choreographic work from various dance companies such as Eryc Taylor Dance Company, New York University Tisch School of the Arts, Rogue Wave Dance, Bromance Web Series, Melange Dance Company, and One Day Dance, among others. Jordan's film, "NEXUS II", was selected for the New York Arthouse Film Fest in 2023. As a dance educator, Jordan teaches at Peridance Center and Ballet Hispanico, and she also teaches guest classes across the United States.

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