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Weekly Research is divided into three parts, guiding the dancers through both experimentation and direction to explore themselves as athletes and artists. The class reflects the artistic process of RyderDance and highlights the tasks we implement to create work. It will begin with a physical warm up, one that prepares and stabilizes the body. Once the dancers are warm, they will investigate their creative voices through a series of imagery-based improvisation prompts. These prompts range from physical tasks, such as exploring round and sharp movements; to emotional tasks, such as expressing a variety of thoughts through movement to an imaginary figure across the room. The class will culminate in a collaborative group phrase fusing the RyderDance movement aesthetic with the voices of the room.These phrases will allow dancers to utilize the skills learned and put them into action, while also letting loose and getting in touch with the joy that dance brings them. These three elements of our class aim at giving dancers a well-rounded experience, with lessons learned that they can carry with them throughout their dance journey.