RyderDance was founded in July 2018 in New York City. Under the artistic direction of Jordan Ryder, RyderDance strives to create vivaciously athletic pieces that are focused on innovation, creativity, and abstract narrative. 


The company’s creative force is ultimately inspired by pushing the limits of the facility each of the individual dancers provides, as both an athlete and human. Beginning with a full-bodied, dynamic movement vocabulary, the piece then becomes saturated by weaving in human condition and intention into the structure. The result is a complex system, created by the infusion of movement vocabulary with intense human awareness. By valuing both rich, physical movement and personal narrative, Jordan creates an electric and enticing environment. Through this work, RyderDance invites the audience to both marvel in and relate to the performance. 


A review by Cindy Sibilsky, from Broadwayworld.com, has described Jordan’s work as an “evocative of a kind of network, a complex system such as a computer or brain where signals fire rapidly and rely on each other to function as every gesture seemed to inform another.”

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