Through the Open Window (Work-in-Progress)

Performed at the Six Degrees of Separation Showcase.

Danced by Julia Gold, Emma Massarelli, Dante Norris, Spencer Grossman; Ayala Abrams, Philip Strom


“Through the Open Window” explores the duality between access and ambition, and how they intertwine to build an identity. The movement was derived from a simple gesture phrase and evolved to build a world which is in a constant shift between gentle intricacy and bombastic physicality. The dancers navigate this world acting as a magnet; both in tune and against each other's energy. How does circumstance leverage an individual’s approach to satisfaction, and is it possible to possess independent validation when one is centralized in a high pressure environment?

This piece was made possible by a space grant from NYU Tisch School of the Arts.


(2019) dnceDETOX


Performed at Mark Morris Dance Center and The Actors Fund


Choreographed by Julia Gold & Jordan Ryder


Music by LCD Soundsystem


Danced by Julia Gold & Jordan Ryder


(2018) Railways


Performed at Eryc Taylor Dance New Choreographer Grant (ETD/NCG) Showcase


Choreographed by Jordan Ryder


Original Music by Rob Neubauer


Danced by Julia Gold, Gabe Katz, Emma Massarelli, Dante Norris, Phil Strom, Miranda Viars


With original music by composer Rob Neubauer, Railways explores barriers through the individual mind and body, as well as within a group of people. Pulling from personal experiences to root the intention of the dancers, this piece questions how much depth a barrier can hold, what happens when one breaks through a personal barrier as well as what happens when one is solidified. 


Railways was made possible by the Eryc Taylor Dance New Choreographer Grant (ETD/NCG).


(2018) 230 


Performed in Triskelion Art’s SummerFest


Choreographed by Jordan Ryder


Music: “Johannesburg,” Rival Consoles

Danced by Julia Gold, Emma Massarelli, Devon Travis, Miranda Viars

The process of building a connection with another individual is a complex journey. RyderDance’s 230 explores how opening up to someone changes their movement vocabulary, as well as which settings enable one to find their most vulnerable and available self. The creative process creates a war between physical movement structure and artistic choice, thus allowing the artists to delve into their creative voice.

230  was made possible by the 2018 NYU Alumni Residency Program.




Performed in Second Avenue Dance Company's Major Dance Concert; May 3 & 6, 2018


Choreographed by Jordan Ryder, in collaboration with the dancers


Music: "Symphony No. 3 in E-Flat Major, Op. 55 - "Eroica": I. Allegro con brio," Ludwig Van Beethoven


Danced by Julia Gold, Emma Massarelli, Dante Norris, Devon Travis, and Phil Strom

The explorer. The observer. The do-er. 


STEADFAST explores the approach one takes when placed in an unfamiliar position of authority. As they move through the waved trajectory of the piece, the dancers encompass each of the roles listed above, using the intentions associated with each role to fuel their internal character and physicality.

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