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Thank you NFT Buyer and welcome to our UNLOCKABLE CONTENT!


Thank you for showing interest in our art and our mission. Our goal for our NFT collections is to expand our audience, our reach and to spread ART. The money that we receive will be put towards funding the RyderDance company by paying for rehearsal space, dancers’ wages, original music, costumes and of course the creation and production of more NFTs. Thank you for your support and your contribution to collecting and spreading our art. 

Now back to that unlockable content:


Firstly, we would like to offer you some free RyderDance merchandise/a free RyderDance tote bag that will be shipped to you free of charge to compliment your digital purchase. 

Secondly, we would like to offer you to opt into our newsletter so you can stay updated with all things RyderDance. We periodically send out information about upcoming shows, commissions and dance news. As an up and coming contemporary dance company in New York City, we strive to create dance that merges our dancers’ personal narratives and athletic prowess to create full-bodied dynamic movement and works of art. In addition to our performances and repertory, we are also growing our educational outreach by teaching dance in local studios and public schools.


As a RyderDance NFT holder, we consider you a patron of our company and also of the dance community.

Thank you again!

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