Raised in South Florida, Dante began taking his dance seriously while attending Encore Dance Theatre, Dance Attack Miami, then NYU.


Dante has always been in awe of his fellow dancers who had the ability to embody a continuous flow of momentum throughout the body. This was the foundation for Dante’s own process of integrated the relation between the physiological processes of the body, and the mental cycles individuals find themselves suck within into his own movement. By exploring how these two relationships that coexist within ourselves, Dante’s highly introspective approach focuses on utilizing these inspirations to expand his physical vocabulary.


This is Dante’s first performance with RyderDance, but he has previously worked with or performed works by: Paul Taylor, MADBOOTS DANCE, Stephanie Klemons, Matt Cady, and Sean Curran; while he has also trained with: Kevin Aubin, John Culberston, Cookie Ramos, and German Dager.


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